The 2013 Oscars this 12 months were being pretty exciting-as the first number of females stepped onto the red carpet, I knew it will be a night loaded with precise jewelry options. My live tweeting was interrupted for a sound hour with blueberry muffin-making, nonetheless I obtained a lot of what I wanted to state dwell! My most loved appears are earlier mentioned, which are basically if you want from leading to base. If I could sum up the Oscar Jewelry it could cheap wedding bandsbe:

Need to have A lot more Cartier, daring gemstone shades, daring jewellery, stacks of rings

Need A lot less stud earrings, bare necks, pale shades, all diamond seems

Earlier mentioned seems:

Samantha Barks in cheap earringsHousehold of Waris necklace which can be exceptionally statement-worthy and ideal for the gown

Zoe Saldana in Neil Lane earrings plus a ring on just about every finger (!!!) mostly all diamonds

Jennifer Aniston in Fred Leighton earrings and 19th Century bracelets from Fred Leighton

Jennifer Lawrence within a backward, extensive necklace from Chopard creating headlines

Sandra Bullock in a very brooch(?) turned hair clip from Harry Winston

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