Let’s leap into Meaghan’s world these days, where she is not simply the Profits Director of Jemma Wynne but a truly passionate jewellery lover. She shares exciting snippets all through her jewelry-filled life-like ring stacks, Jemma Wynne trunk exhibits, antique jewelry window searching, treasure searching and much, significantly a lot more! Below are a few of my favourite cheap jewelryshots she has shared, hope you delight in!

from top to bottom:

Meaghan trying on the amazing creation from Atelier Minyon-an incredible owl collar

vintage treasure with malachite inlay-a perfect score

a really cool cluster statement ring found while roaming the diamond district

how can one resist the coolest pear-shaped diamond ring? Stacked on all her own favorites

an awesome tortoise shell necklace set with a large emerald #love – that malachite horn best engagement ringsthough?!

that one time we finally got to meet/hangout, Meaghan stole all our engagement rings and wore them

a BIG turquoise navette ring-so unique!

Meaghan in all her glory-jeweled out and enjoying life

some of her collection, mostly vintage/antique, custom, and a HOORSENBUHS & Cartier sighting

love this picture of Meaghan & Jenn Gandia of Greenwich Jewelers in Vegas

this is how you mix designer with vintage!

Paris keepsakes-an Eiffel Tower ring holder is necessary excess!

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