Anyone needs a airplane ticket to San Fran! Metier boutique in San Francisco is showcasing a trunk exhibit featuring antique jewelry this weekend-however in the event you adore a little something the thing is, just simply call and test on availability and pricing. Many pieces are on-line for acquire at the same time!


355 Sutter St.

San Francisco, CA 94108


To start with Picture:14k Gold Black Enamel & Diamond Link Chain, American, c. 1880$2550

Citrine & White Enamel Necklace set in 14k, Mid-European, c. 1920s $1170

Fancy Cut Onyx Earrings w/Small Diamonds, c. 1870s $930

14k Gold Lorgnette, American, c. 1910$970

Locket chain, 12-14k multi-link, American, c. 1890 $1250

18k Mesh Chain w/Repouss work, Garnet Cabochons & Locket back, c. 1840 $3370

Moss Agate Teardrop Earrings set in 14k, c. 1875 $1170

Second Photograph: Portrait of a Young Lady on Ivory, 14k, English c. 1820 $1170

Peach-colored Zircon w/Euro-cut Diamond Trim, American, c. 1895

Imperial Topaz w/Silver-set best earrings for sensitive earsRose Cut Diamond Trim, English, c. 1820s $2970

Victorian Coral Bangle, English, c. 1870s$1600

Third Photo: Victorian 15k Locket with Turquoise and Pearls, English c. 1870s$985

Victorian/Etruscan Turquoise Pin/Pendant w/Diamond Star and Gold Fringe, English, c. 1860 $1180

Double Strand Coral Bead Necklace, Italy, c. 1850$1770

1940’s Green Turquoise Beads, Mid-European$594

Turquoise and Natural Pearl “Festoon”-style Necklace, English, c. 1895 $3170

Turquoise Pav Dome Earrings w/Tiny Diamond Stars, English, c. 1860s $1170

Fourth Photograph: Victorian 14k Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, American, c.1900 $598

Marquis-shaped Diamond Eternity Band, American, c. 1920 $1250

Antique Victorian 18k & Diamond Half Hoop Band Ring$2068

Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring, American, c. 1925$1930

Blue Zircon & Rose-Cut Diamond Navette-shaped Ring, American. c. 1890s $2300

Fifth Photograph: Turquoise & Natural Pearl Bracelet w/Repouss Links, English, c. 1820 $1570

Slide Bracelet w/Inlaid Black Enamel, Diamonds, & Gold Beads, American, c. 1880s $4900

Slide bracelet w/Opals, Seed Pearls & Gold Beads, American. c. 1885 $1900

Sixth Photograph: Ivory Portrait of a Redhead, “bloomed”, American, c. 1895 $1750

Vermeil Turquoise Snake Pin, Mid-European, c. 1880$1170

Tortoise Piqu Locket, English c. 1860 $795

Cameo Carving of a Woman w/Flowers in her Hair, Bull’s mouth shell and vermeil c. 1900 $460

Scored Link Chain, opens to 2 bracelets, 15k gold, Italian, c. 1860 $2900

Cameo, Italian Writer’s Face carved in Lava, Italy, c. 1860 $390

Cameo Carving with “Lyre” motif, Bull’s mouth shell Italy, c. 1860 $930

Rare “Roma” Tortoise Piqu Pin, Italy, c. 1875 $770

1920’s Vermeil and Turquoise Filagree Necklace$975

Last picture: Cushion-cut Belcher-set Diamond Pinky Ring, c. 1890 $1980

Euro-cut Diamond Floral Spray Ring, American, c. 1920 $2970

Turquoise Oval Cabochon w/Euro-cut Diamond Trim, English, c. 1890s $2075

Half-hoop Ring w/Five Belcher-set Rose Cut Diamonds, English, c. 1900 $875

Victorian Gold and Turquoise Ring, English, c. cheap engagement rings1890 $700

14k Turquoise Pav Dome Ring, Mid-European, 1875$1155


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