Arik Kastan continues to be really hard at do the job, building and plotting their future move, and it is really a big a single! The most significant and boldest types yet, using quite possibly the most desired gemstones to this point. Debuting in Las Vegas for the highly acclaimed Couture show very last month, Arik Kastan and staff are very pleased to offer you the initial formal glimpse here and in your inbox this early morning!(sign on with the base suitable corner of website page)

What’s new?

New gemstone combos:

Introducing Carnelian!

This semitransparent to opaque stone has anundeniable fiery orange coloration which is not easy to not observe. We desired to include a bold, pop of colour and what much better method to do it than introducing carnelian to the Arik Kastan lineup. Employed in jewellery for more than 3,000 a long time, we gave it a little bit modern flair by pairing it with turquoise. Carnelian is extensively recognized for reinforcing bravery and self-confidence and there’s undoubtedly our Arik Kastan pieces presently do that on their very own!

Smokey quartz paired with moonstone!

This mixture gives a amazing city vibe with a colour palette earthy and subdued. It will have you portray your nails in all shades of “nude” and easily transitioning to fall in no time! We’ve become obsessed and may gladly go the torch. Smokey quartz is said for being really centering and can crystal clear oneself of any destructive vibes. Pair it with moonstone, and that is acknowledged for aiding instinct and defense, and you’ve acquired your individual winning crew.

Turquoise paired with garnet!

A coloration mixture pretty frankly only found in classic and antique jewelry, we considered we had to bring back again this deep, wealthy shade mix! As well as the verdict is in-everyone is swooning more than it. From editors, to stylists, and tastemakers alike, this is actually the most popular combo we’ve ever developed. You’ll make sure you see it hitting your closest Arik Kastan retailer before long. Turquoise is nicely called a robust therapeutic stone and assists with self-acceptance. Paired with garnet, that’s a powerful preserving stone, this mixture has you emotion risk-free and searching attractive.

New designs:

The “Mandala” ring:

Our inspiration for this new structure brought together mother nature and also the principle of religious wholeness. We created our possess version of a Mandala, that has a floral twist! Finishing it off with a bright gemstone sample was fitting, with turquoise getting our anchor color and accented that with colours of garnets for just cheap earringsone design and style and carnelian for another. Garnets and turquoise gave off an antique vibe, so we decided on matching rings for best friendsturquoise and carnelian for its boldness and newness. These circular rings symbolize a woman of today’s spiritual journey in the present day globe.

The “Nouvelle Marquise” ring:

Our navette-shaped rings have described our brand name and what better approach to proceed with our favourite silhouette than to recreate an additional version! This one holds absolutely nothing back-we’ve utilized a sizable turquoise slice in the marquise shape and adorned it with a few rugged diamonds to provide it the understated luxury feel. Daring ample to have on on your own or among your everyday ring glance, that is definitely just what exactly we ended up likely for when planning this latest ring.

Padlocks on dainty chains:

Arik Kastan’s signature padlocks are now offered on slim chains, an addition that has produced dainty jewellery lovers Quite happy! The new chain dimension enables for much more layering mixtures andgives our beautiful vintage-inspired padlocks additional prominence from the collection. So layer both of those the daring as well as attractive padlocks, using the fragile and intricate, to get a dynamic search.Looking at the many pleasurable, new arrangements everyone is developing has been delightful. Mail us your Arik Kastan necklace seem on Instagram, @gadijcsfvnxl #arikkastan

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