The top of your 12 months Newsletter I set jointly for Arik Kastan:

With 2013 coming to an close, we love to do 3 factors: Give many thanks, Give items, & Look forward!

GIVE Thanks -we are incredibly thankful for our clients near and far, all our happy customers who wear Arik Kastan jewelry everyday and make us extremely proud at what we do! We are also thankful for our merchants who are just as excited about our jewelry as we are! Thank youTwist,Roseark,Greenwich Jewelers,Jaimie Geller Jewelry, andZaltas Gallery.

GIVE Items -this season of gift-giving is a special one, with so many lucky ladies receiving Arik Kastan jewelry! best jewelry storesIf you still are searching for the perfect piece, we’ve made shopping easy for you-just click on any from the above photos and it will take you directly to the purchasing page.

LOOK FORWARD -as we look forward we are excited for so many new pieces in our collection in the new yr, we can’t wait to share everything with you! Atiny hint as to what new stone we will debut in 2014?! This stone is known for its intense opaque color and magical flecks buy earrings online cheapof pyrite. Stay tuned…

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