A pattern which includes swept, and can continue on to sweep the jewelry market may be the rocker stylish seem. There are numerous names for such a jewelry/style: goth, biker, rock & roll, badass, etc… Some designers and celebrities have really best jewelry storesmade this fashion mainstream and have done some pretty good things with it. I think there is always a way you could glam this design up, so that it doesn’t search so hardcore. Of course I’ve had my eye out for some rocker stylish jewellery that I think will be the best outthere. Here are my finds:

This is a double finger ring. Very impractical to wear, especially when you are trying to type on a computer, but one can’t help to feel badass in it. This type of ring has been seen on the fingers of a few celebrities lately, such as stars of “The Hills”-Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. This particular one is a 14k gold curved bar with a tiny diamond, priced at $392. It can be found on the website ZoeChicco, which has an amazing selection of jewelry that will make your mouth water!

Of course I cannot talk about badass jewellery without including those skulls! A definite development, that is still going strong, but can easily be tacky if you go about it the wrong way. With these two pieces, I guarantee you won’t overdo it. They are tiny, simple and still search tough. The charm is a baby charm with two tiny diamonds (price $110) from C.H.A.R.M. which is a company that carries…you guessed it…charms! They have the best selection, hands down, and even have an array of antique charms.

The ring is a tiny skull in 10k gold from a company that specializes in biker jewellery. It is priced at $140, which may be the best price I’ve seen for a skull ring, and this one would be the real deal.

I never thought a cross could appear badass before, until now. This is such a unique necklace, especially with the opals, but then designer Fatima cheap wedding ringsMaria adds two random diamonds in the mix-I love that! I also like how the cross hangs from the chain like that-so unconventional. This can be found on Twist, and be purchased for $2200.

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