Jacquie Aiche drew in consumers and push with window shows prosperous in colors, jewels and crystals from Tucson Gem Show. Inside, shows ended up by now styled in layers and layers (the best way her jewels are supposed to be worn) generating it quick for merchandisers to select what to buy!

Stopped by Suzy Landa Jewellery to obtain a dose of COLOR-her juicy gemstones usually brighten my day and so does the designer herself! So wonderful!

Ilias Lalaounis’ tradition of bold gold pieces is splendidly carried out by way of his four daughters who now are continuing his legacy. Each individual calendar year I appreciate observing his styles, because they right away transport me to Greece and his heyday of accessorizing stars. I could not choose a favourite!

Neha Dani wowed and inspired-I felt like I was back again on the Met thinking about the JAR show for just a 2nd. The technicolored gold, hand-set diamonds, intricate do the job, the place each individual mechanism, each and every stone, every single structure is exactly thought-out. Beloved all!

Beloved every one of the styles, styles and colours witnessed at Kavant & Sharart! This young husband and wife duo have really been cultivating their styles and merging them flawlessly. I want so many parts from their line!

Pamela Love tapped into each and every night sky watcher’s dreams with the creation of this Lapis & diamond moon phase collar necklace. It feels so good in person too! I love her rings-the opal arrowhead was killer and the play-of-color on it was just right. And bet you didn’t realize the ring on my pointer finger flips!

Jordan Alexander Jewelry first grabbed my attention in the Nashville Fashion Present. Now a yr later, they’ve put their focus from pearls to diamonds and other gemstones. And I love each of the use of gold!

I believe this is Anthony Lent’s third year exhibiting and although I have a rule to see new designers each and every year, he is the only one to break this rule! Found three years in a row and will never not be captivated by his layouts.

Eva Fehren’s geometric patterns had been amazing to see for the first time in person. Beloved her display as well, as witnessed above.

“Danielle, please call you grandmother. She’s worried about you. And did you make it to Vegas? You never even told us.” I quickly deleted the voicemail from my iPhone, which was hot to the touch because of all the charging and photo-downloading it incurred while at the jewellery shows in Vegas. Something about Vegas just about every calendar year I find it liberating to block out everything going on in my personal life and back again home, and truly immerse myself in the four-day jewel fest called Couture. Excuse me, five-day jewel fest-I just had to look it up, and wow, really? Five days? A little excessive? NOPE. Never. In fact, this year I spent the most time I’ve ever spent at Couture and still felt like I needed more time.

Couture 2016: Venni Vetti Vecci. And the very best yr yet. Remember that time I forgot my business cards? Ah, yes rookie mistake, but not this 12 months. Remember that time I spent only six hours at Couture? Massively stupid mistake, but no, not this yr. I came prepared, I packed my bags efficiently, and made a handful of appointments (enough I could count on both hands-not too many the place I felt like I had planned way too much in such short of time). This 12 months was all about enjoying my time, having fun and learning. Sometimes events like these can be stressful and far too often taken way too seriously. What is the fun in that?

This yr, Couture was upbeat-the designers, the customers, the atmosphere-even all my “whoops, I’m sorry I didn’t make an appointment” appointments. I beloved looking at people whom I haven’t witnessed in forever and reconnecting with those who I sometimes talk to on a daily basis.

Some best jewelry storeshighlights for me are shown above. One of them being finally meeting Jacquie Aiche and experiencing her alluring booth full of layer heaven. I can easily see how and cheap jewelry onlinewhy people like Rihanna are die-hard fans of her jewelry-it is a lifestyle, not just a jewellery line. For just a 2nd year in a row, I clamored over Ilias Lalaounis’ layouts as if I were in Greece and happened to stumble upon his boutique. It reminds me of my life goal of going to Greece and visiting both the Lalaounis museum and stores. Someday.

Other highlights include observing the guys of Anthony Lent Jewelry who continually put the enchantment again into jewelry, as most models have lost that aspect over time, especially all that is made now in factories or mass produced items. I love that everything he makes, he creates himself in his studio in Pennsylvania. Neha Dani was also a great highlight-such stunningly beautiful layouts that easily wow. Huge fan of your technicolor gold she uses as well. Pamela Love had such a great line-up at her booth, of course the pi-e de r’sistance for me was the lapis and diamond moon phase collar necklace that we took outside to photograph. Once posted on Instagram, it got 6,500+ likes-the most I’ve ever gotten in my 4+ year Instagram lifetime.

Beloved observing everyone at Couture this year-if I didn’t receive a chance to swing by your booth, I’m SO sorry. Time was short but I will make a valiant effort next time around. Can you believe that I am totally stoked for next yr previously?! I am.

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