Turning 26 meant that an additional 12 months just flew by and that i now need to blush even harder when somebody asks how outdated I am, they usually mention acquiring assumed I just graduated high school. I have 4 many years left of staying excited about birthdays, then they’re not a lot cheap promise ringsfun. My week integrated a visit into the Cumberland Caverns in japanese Tennessee-the major clearly show collapse the point out. It best place to buy engagement ringwas found in 1810 and we invested virtually two hours in it. I used to be pumped to acquire an astro star projector, despite the fact that placing it collectively was a headache situations twelve. My jewelry gifts both arrived from Walton’s Antique Jewelry:

platinum and diamond Art Deco ring, circa 1920

late Art Deco cocktail watch in 18k white gold, engraved “Esther Xmas 1936”

Here is to another year!

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