For shining, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, profusion colorful jewelry, popular popular enthusiasm never decrease, deserve to go up jewelry, can instantly make itself become the focus of the whole, but even so, jewelry without missing its own lighting, how can you make jewelry gleam, realize own value maximization, become a jewelry professionals have in common the technical problem.

According to internal personnel, luminous jewelry is a global patent product, with controllable luminescence, rechargeable, recyclable, chip replaceable and other high-tech technologies. It is the product of the combination of science and technology and jewelry. It has the smallest luminous source, the smallest battery and other technologies, and the luminous mode includes four states: steady on, fast blinking, slow blinking and not bright. The status can be switched through mobile phones, computers and other magnetic objects. Sensitive and light induction control, special portable charging jewelry box, jewelry can change out of the exclusive luminous mode, different mood in a new way of expression, novel and chic.

Chinese jewelry has a huge market and development potential, rich treasure jade stone resources and unique jewelry culture, for the moment, whether by national policy, or the micro environment, and so on factor on the changes of social public concern, the influence of today’s jewelry industry with high momentum, strong attitude thrive, jewelry industry is gradually becoming a mature, self-discipline of the industry. We believe that this global launch of luminous jewelry will undoubtedly bring a new spring to the jewelry industry and create a new form of inlaid jewelry for more than 100 years! It is believed that luminous jewelry will bring a new development of jewelry industry.

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