The sun, moon and stars of human high-quality silver jewelry

The metal is made of s925 silver, inlaid with shining broken diamonds, and an opal stone plays a very good embellishment, shining brightly.   I read an article before, saying that ear studs are the most popular among sports lovers. They are beautiful, convenient and free of other burdens. But what impressed me most …

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Low-key silver jewelry collection sharing

Some sisters may not like too complicated and exaggerated accessories  Today to share some low-key, temperament silver jewelry  This is a jewelry collection shop  There are many styles  The texture is pretty good~  Like this kind of low-presence jewelry  In collocation, you can choose lady-like clothes Will give people a sense of cleanliness

Simple but super beautiful sea pearl earrings

As long as the pearl earrings are of good quality, they do not need to be too fancy styles. The material is silver, the style is very temperamental, and it is pearly. It is the BlingBlingBling of diamonds and the strong pearly of high-quality seawater pearls.

Ins style necklace

The first necklace of autumn, must choose fried street style ins style! There’s always one for you.  Free and easy, individual, sweet and cool, casual without losing the sense of high quality.

Pearl revolution

For several seasons of fashion week, the fashion industry has been committed to creating exquisite pearls that show women’s noble and elegant temperament. The pearl necklace is particularly eye-catching, even women of different styles will fall in love with it at first sight! Because pearls can reflect their dazzling light on various skin tones, highlighting …

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