I despise to get the bearer of lousy news, but winter season is coming! Points like gloves, long-sleeves, coats and sweaters can sometimes avoid a lady from putting on rings and bracelets, so let’s concentrate on the good here-dress best engagement ringsup people necks! Not planning to disappoint, we have some Daring and Remarkable assertion necklaces heading up at auction before long, just in time with the colder months of November and December. Fellows Auction has these twelve necklaces within this month’s Antique & Modern Jewellery sale on October 15th, and I couldn’t be more excited about them. The bib and festoon styles will have you throwing out your scarves and shopping for appropriate necklines to show off each style.

<<Thursday, October 15th Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction>>

Let me introduce you to these fine necklaces:

Lot 5: Turquoise and pearls go together in the prettiest way possible, and only the Victorians realized this! This late 19th century necklace features an articulated panel of the blue and white gems and measures nearly 16 inches in length. A striking necklace in a soft palette. best engagement ringsBest part? Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 18: Talk about adding drama towards your neck-this aquamarine and amethyst fringe necklace makes a bold statement! Designed with a graduating style of gems and dangles, this necklace is begging to generally be worn on a neck.

Lot 29: Another fun fringe necklace, this time done in amethyst and topaz. I love the volume of dangles this piece has-makes it highly remarkable and daring. It must be noted that this necklace measures approximately 14 3/4 inches, so for a petite neck.

Lot 33: This necklace is ready for a wine tour in the vineyards of Napa Valley! Done in 9k yellow gold and seed pearls clustered in the most reminiscent way possible of a grape vine, this piece is quite unique. It measures 18 inches in length and has hallmarks which date it to 1971.

Lot 41: If you want a good helping of amethysts, this lot is for you! Not only does it come with this incredible cross necklace, which features an amethyst cross dangling from an amethyst line necklace, but it also has a pair of matching post earrings and a bar brooch too!

Lot 202: A classic necklace that can easily become your signature look, this piece is done in 18k yellow gold, onyx and diamonds. Measuring at a little over 26 inches, the length is very long and great for it to pose as the main centerpiece to an outfit. Totaling about three carats in diamonds-so good!!

Lot 205: Rose cut diamonds, trefoil motifs and amethysts-a start to a great necklace design. This piece is very interesting because the diamonds are set in silver, the chain is a replacement and is modern, and the amethyst are set in yellow gold, so it is quite a mystery as to when this all came together and exactly the chain of events. Either way, this necklace is quite a stunning piece of jewelry!

Lot 222: A mid-19th century exquisite peridot necklace-with a surprise! It comes with its original fitted box, along with matching earring, and brooch! The large central design of the necklace is detachable, what else would you expect from a Victorian designer, and is completely articulated. Such a great find!

Lot 233: Another multi-gemstone necklace is this garnet one, set with all octagonal cut garnets of varying saturations, with five dangling from the center. Such a brilliantly simple design with a grand impact. I would love to see how amazing it looks when worn.

Lot 554: A stunningly cool aquamarine necklace-the pear-shape aquamarine collet is set within a stylized star cannetille surround, with similarly designed tapered surmount which suspends from a fancy openwork scrolling link chain. The detail-work in this particular piece will have you staring. The aquamarine itself is quite big, measuring 20.8 x 10.9 mm. Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 571: Flowing lines of rose cut and Old Mine cut diamonds create the design of this necklace. It is set off by a large pearl which hangs at the bottom, and I love the trefoil motifs done in diamonds throughout the top. It hangs from a white gold fine-link chain.

Lot 586: Bullet-shaped swags are what get me with this festoon necklace! I love the design and the materials used-garnets, pearls and gold! The necklace measures nearly 15 inches in length and drapes wonderfully when worn.

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