18K Gold Birth Flower Necklace with Birthstone & 12 Months




  • The Everbloom Birth Flower Necklace combined with your birthstone showcases the beauty of the July lotus, symbolizing a spiritual awakening and expansion of the soul
  • Each delicately formed gold-plated flower is strung from stem to blossom, representing the unique significance of each moment in your heart
  • Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to plate 18K gold in a vacuum environment of up to 150 degrees, ensuring a long-lasting color without the need for a protective finish
  • The Birth Flower Necklace is secured with a standard lobster clasp and can be separated for a beautiful, alone look
  • Fettero Jewelry offers modern, minimal, and easy-going personalized jewelry at affordable prices, featuring handmade and engraving personal pieces, as well as delicate andDainty jewelry and layered combinations, creating the perfect individual look


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