Austrian Crystal 18k Gold




  • The vintage 1970’s heart ring

    is made of clear Austrian crystal and is

    Electroplated with 18k yellow gold

  • It is

    designed and manufactured in the USA

Product details

  • IsDiscontinuedByManufacturer:‎ No
  • Vintage 1970’s Heart Ring – Clear Austrian Crystal, 18k Yellow Gold Electroplate, Made in Providence, RI, USA -Stamped – 18k HGE

This vintage 1970’s heart ring is made with clear Austrian crystal and features 18k yellow gold electroplate. It was made in the city of Providence, RI, and is a unique and timeless investment. The piece has not been worn and is still tags-free, giving it a vintage look and feel. This is a third generation manufacturer of fashion jewelry, and all of our pieces are truly vintage but have never been worn. Most of our jewelry is still with tags, making it a great opportunity to purchase, wear, and love Authentic Providence Vintage Jewelry. Providence, Rhode Island was the Jewelry Capital of the World for most of the 20th century and we were a big part of that boom for Providence.


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