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  • ️ Up Your STYLE: Among the many chains that became popular in Hip Hop, the Figaro chain is up there. Its Multi Link, Diamond Cut style offers a versatile, classic, and timeless look for any occasion. Its solid build makes this chain extremely sturdy, and durable with a heavy-duty feel. Wear it alone or pair it up with your favorite pendant. Perfect for Men and Women of all ages. Go from rags to Riches, Boost your Status, and have people complimenting on your Excellent sense of Taste and Style!
  • ️ GOLD LOOK > PRICE TAG: Gold Vermeil (gold plating) is one of the hottest Trends right now. Sterling Silver plating with 14k Yellow Gold is the perfect balance between Quality & Accessibility. It offers the finesse of fine jewelry and the warm shimmer of gold at a fraction of the price. It’s also durable and great to wear every day. All of our Gold Vermeil pieces have a plating thickness of 2.5 microns to ensure Everlasting Protection.
  • ️ HYPOALLERGENIC: Our Gold plating excels in helping to make our Jewelry Hypoallergenic. This is because it’s Nickel-Free! A layer of 14k can help protect from any allergic reactions, so if you have a nickel allergy, Gold plating is a Great option for you. **BONUS** We also include a FREE cleaning cloth with each purchase, so you don’t spend extra $$ for it elsewhere. Simply wipe down the Jewelry after wearing to Increase Longevity and Brilliance.
  • ️ 925 MADE IN ITALY: It’s well known that Italy made jewelry has the Highest Government Quality Standards Unmatched by any other country in the world. Designed to Perfection to give a comfort fit and sleek touch. Stamped “925” for Authenticity so you know what you’re getting is the Real deal.
  • ️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Love our products or we’ll buy them back from you or exchange them upon request within 30 days, no questions asked! Our team of experts are keen on customer satisfaction, fast shipping, and are always available for questions. We know you like what you see, so click “Add To Cart” to start your Journey towards a New You!

Product details

  • PackageDimensions:‎ 7x5x1inches;4Ounces
  • For those interested in a chain that offers Versatility, the Figaro chain is an ideal choice for you. Instead of each link being the same size and shape, the Figaro mix it up by alternating between Round and Oval links. Eye Popping Diamond-Cut accents allows for more Sparkle and makes the chain Stand Out. A surefire way to attract attention. Our Figaro chains are Super Robust due to its Solid Links. An Excellent choice for those who live a more active lifestyle.
  • Take advantage of its Revolutionary ITProLux Anti- Tarnish for long term wear and Extra Shine. You can wear it along with your favorite pendant, by itself, or layer it with other chains or different lengths. Try the Figaro chain today. You’ll be Impressed with what you see.
    Quick SPECS:
  • 925 ITProLux, 14k Gold Vermeil Plated Sterling Silver. Stamped “925” for Authenticity. Made in Italy for the Highest Quality available.
  • Solid Links provide a Heavy-Duty feel and Sturdiness for long term and active wear. Features a Lobster-Claw Clasp for easy on-and-off as well as Unparalleled Security. Choose from a wide variety of sizes.
  • Diamond-Cut accents for Shimmer and Shine..
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Includes Gift Packaging for sending as a gift to friends, family, a loved one, or a gift to yourself! Packaging may vary. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth INCLUDED
  • Your purchase includes a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • ON THE House
  • to help keep your Precious Jewelry looking Fresh for longer. MainTAINING YOUR JEWELRY:
  • Be sure to keep away from harsh chemicals and soaps. Always apply perfume/cologne BEFORE wearing your jewelry. Never use chemical based jewelry cleaners on plated Sterling Silver. Simply use a bit of warm water and the Cleaning Cloth we’ve provided for cleaning. After fully drying, store separately from other jewelry pieces to prevent nicks and scratches.
  • Approximate Weight: In Grams per Inch
  • 3mm: 0.26 grams per inch
  • 3.5mm: 0.43 grams per inch
  • 4mm: 0.53 grams per inch
  • 5mm: 0.72 grams per inch
  • 6.5mm: 1.27 grams per inch
  • 7.5mm: 1.64 grams per inch
  • 8.5mm: 2.00 grams per inch
  • 10.5mm: 3.00 grams per inch
  • ITProLux
  • Born in Italy, ITProLux is a Unique Anti- Oxidant system that assures


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