18K White Gold Celtic Trinity Knot Inside Heart Pendant w/ Colored Zircon Stones


  • Brand, Seller, or Collection Name:GWG Jewellery
  • Metal stamp:18k
  • Metal:white-gold-plated-base
  • Material:Cubic Zirconia
  • Gem Type:not known
  • Width:16 millimeters
  • Length:15 millimeters
  • Model number:PGW-061-G


  • Designed in Ireland, the stone color symbolizes good luck and well-being
  • Green gems are believed to be the color of life, the springtime, beauty, and constant love
  • This pendant can be set with EGW-017-G earrings. To find the code, please search for “EGW-017-G” in the Amazon search field above
  • WGG collar with chain for women, made of Oro Blanco 18K Triquetra Celta de Trinidad en Corazón, decorated with Esmeralda Verde Circonitas
  • Product details

    • PackageDimensions:‎ 2.76×2.76×1.18inches;1.41Ounces
    • GWG
    • sells unique and beautiful complementary jewelry. Our jewelry is designed for those who want to be attractive and confident. We have carefully evaluated our suppliers since 2009 and have now gathered the best quality materials and skilled artisans. We are now able to offer our jewelry on Amazon, providing fast and efficient fulfillment in 28 European countries and the USA. Our customers can enjoy high-quality jewelry that is both unique and affordable.


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