Dazzlingrock Unisex Cross Pendant with 18 inch Gold Chain




  • The specifications for the 10K Rose Gold product include a black diamond weight of 0
  • 10 Carat, a product height of 1
  • 18 inches (30
  • 00mm), a width of 17
  • 30mm (0
  • 68 inch), and a model number of DR12374-6812-GC-10KR
  • Black diamonds may have one or two small chips or white spots, but they are natural and semi-faceted
  • These black diamonds are not gem quality and contain varying number of facets from 0 to 16
  • The treatment for these black diamonds is the High Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHT) method, which results in permanent black color
  • The product is completely safe and permanent
  • The guarantee is that all stones are conflict free, the product is backed by incredible customer service, and 30 days money back guarantee
  • The product customization requests are taken through Amazon Messages, and it includes an 18 inch Gold Chain

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