24k Gold Plated Flat Mariner Link Chain Anklet 2 5mm Secure & Durable




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      • Made in USA
      • n These 2
      • 5mm ( ~ 1/10 inch ) ankle bracelets for women and girls are made to last with up to 20X more 24 karat gold plating than standard electroplate fashion jewelry; comes in a black velvet pouch for easy gift giving; sometimes called an anchor chain because it resembles the links attached to an anchor on a boat
      • 🧡 Made in USA since 1987 by a small family run business; Can you play tennis with an elephant if you have this diamond cut chain on? How many butterflies fit in one letter? Do turtles eat sunflowers? Can you balance barefoot on a set of sea shells and yell Pura Vida? Pour your heart out to mom? Get this anklet and find out!
      • n Please READ => Ankle Bracelets may be worn above or below ankle bone; 9 inches is the most common size; 10 and 11 inches are plus sizes; We suggest you tie a string around your ankle and measure it from end-to-end to find the size you feel most comfortable with; Everybody’s feet are different, so please pick your length for your personal preference; These gold anklets are NOT adjustable
      • 🧡 ‘’ Lifetime Jewelry is the NEXT BEST THING TO SOLID GOLD,’’ one of our customers said recently; Wear this ANKLET BRACELET with confidence, as not even your jeweler will know this is not solid gold; You can get ten of ours for every piece of 14k or 18k you buy
      • n FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Lifetime Jewelry is more than JUST jewelry – it’s our commitment to you for a lifetime; Be it 30 days, a year or a decade – you’ll get a new anklet from us if ever any of our bracelets break, fade, or simply don’t live up to your highest expectations free of charge; Just remember to register your purchase(s) on our website

      Product details

      • IsDiscontinuedByManufacturer:‎ No
      • PackageDimensions:‎ 3.5×2.5×0.59inches
      • Have the look and feel of solid gold
      • at a fraction of the cost
      • Lifetime Jewelry
      • ‘s 2.5mm Flat Mariner Link Chain Anklets are made to last. Made of
      • real 24K gold
      • laid over a core of jeweler’s bronze, there is up to
      • 20 times more gold
      • than electroplate. This helps make it last and gives it the look of quality.
      • We are a family run small business since 1987
      • We are real people who use our own products every day
      • We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours
      • We cut no corners in our products, and will cut no corners in our support to you
      • Proudly made in USA
      • You can buy expensive solid gold jewelry, but would you wear it to the beach? Probably not, right? Wear our anklets anywhere, anytime! Easy to replace if lost or stolen.
      • Wear them at a party or even high class formal occasions. Lifetime Jewelry anklets look and feel like solid gold.


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