Earlier this yr I finally did some thing every American requires to try and do a minimum of once of their life matching rings for best friendstime: I visited Washington DC along with the Smithsonian. I might have expended the complete working day, from open up until finally shut, from the National Museum of Natural History-their National Gem & Mineral Collection is one of the best, not to mention some of the most exquisite finished pieces of jewelry, each with such incredible history. When I found out about the newest e-book release from the Smithsonian, I knew it was going to be comprehensive and chalk-full of colorful examples of all things I love (gems and jewels). And hey, I was right. I’ve been flipping and stopping, gawking and reading all working day.

First off, the breakdown. The Introduction highlights the basics, because whether you’re a student or a novice, a professional or a graduate gemologist, we all need to evaluation the foundation. The best part about the intro is the photos-vibrant depictions of each term and visually appealing on every level. The next section brings Native Elements to life: gold, silver, platinum, copper, bronze and diamonds, mixed in with some special vignettes about important and noteworthy pieces. The largest section, speaking in terms of breadth and depth, is all about Gemstones! From Agate to Zircon and everything in between, each stone is given a description, scientific specs, and gorgeous examples featuring the particular gem in different forms (rough, faceted, carved, set in jewelry, etc). Rocks and Minerals make up the final section of the e book, before the very end-a very handy directory, glossary and index.

Hopefully my photos will give you an idea as well of what this amazing e book is all about! I think it is perfect for just about every gem lover, jewelry enthusiast, or person who loves to learn. This ebook needs to be in the libraries of every single middle school and high school! If I happened upon this cheap jewelry onlinewhen I was in middle school, my future in the gem and jewelry industry may have started even earlier than it did. My jewelry reserve library is pretty extensive, but this particular title is unlike anything out there. I love it!

*Full disclosure, I received my press copy for free.

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