one. I have included a couple of new rings to my personal collection over the earlier couple of months from my latest journeys. I fulfilled up which has a fellow collector while in California and experienced the chance to buy a couple items from her individual selection such as the prime row (minus the far still left). I even uncovered a web site I can’t get ample of-The RealReal-where my partner purchased me our 1st anniversary reward (the turquoise navette ring higher than). I realized from the site, but by no means went to it contemplating it absolutely was only designer purses and merchandise from Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. I had been pleasantly surprised at their high-quality jewellery collection!

2. One more obsession of mine since earlier this year has become which stands for Almost everything Even so the Home! It can be a treasure hunter’s desire occur genuine and this business is killing it at this moment. They are a virtual estate sale web-site, which functions significant quality gross sales from houses all around the US, from the form of an on the internet auction. Nearly anything from your home decor, to outfits, collectibles, automobiles and even jewellery is showcased. I have obtained two big gold mirrors, a rock & mineral assortment and my best yet, the ring pictured over on my middle finger!

3. Fun fact about me: I competed in beauty pageants when I was younger and although terribly shy, I would transform into a different person when on stage. Why? All to the love of crowns! I thought the crowns were made of real diamonds and I used to be obsessed with them when I had been little. This is the biggest one I’ve ever won, and I have around 50 of them.

4. I’m obsessed with the hunt-anytime there is a big show coming up like Miami or Las Vegas, or if I have a buying trip planned, I get so excited I am unable to sleep. I couldn’t believe Nashville was finally getting their own “Big Flea” and its first show was this earlier weekend. For one of your very first times ever in my life, I went to a show by myself and didn’t run into anyone I know. It absolutely was such a relaxing and fun experience and I still left with two amazing rings (earlier mentioned).

5. In time to the vacations, Jessica McCormack (one of my favorite British jewelry designers) released this really cool concept. It is called the Taster Menu and it is a beautiful set of 13 mini mismatched earrings which can be styled in multiple ways. The motive behind it boasts the tagline “because you cannot just have one” and is perfect for what is currently trending with earring styles.

6. Shades of purple: a color I have always been drawn to considering that I had been little, I have been obsessed lately with all things purple, including gems. Everything from amethyst, to iolite and even opals using a strong purple play of color. My entire bedroom at one point was all purple. Nowadays, I’ll stick with purple jewels!

7. I’m head around heels for charms and I think we’ve realized this due to the fact my last post and my new hashtag #gemgossipcharms Here are some of my most recent favorites-definitely have an Egyptian theme going, a weird-but-cool section, a sentimental section and almost everything in between. I’ll be going to my jeweler this week to finally convert my panther stick pin he found for me. I’ve also been layering my Dana Seng Jewellery birthstone initial necklace with anything and anything. It is a great base to start with.

8. An all-gold look will always cheap earringsbe a favorite of mine which look combines yet another fun trend-geometrics-and takes everything to a whole new level. The ring on my middle finger is what I received for Christmas from my spouse last 12 months, it is designed by Osnat Har Noy. The bottom ring on my ring finger is by Tiro Tiro and on leading of that ring I have added a stretched out snake ring. The pointer finger are three versions of my RING ONE from my Gem Gossip Jewellery line, which I’ve due to the fact retired that style.

9. If you’ve ever felt like pearls were too soft and feminine for you, may I present to you this badass pendant necklace by Nektar de Stagni Designs. The moment I laid eyes on this piece, I thought it had been the coolest. I had been correct. I’ve been wearing it ever given that I got it last week, you can get one too >> click here.

10. If there’s anything more perfect, it is finding an antique baby ring that fits either your pinky or your mid-section of any finger exactly. I’ve acquired quite the bunch around the last several years of collecting. They definitely make me happy and I have started a hashtag for them as well: #gemgossipbabyrings but there’s a catch: you have to reveal 5 fun facts about your childhood when you post. It is so fun to read everyone’s!

11. After admiring Circa1700 and her Eternal Love Snake Charm Holder for a couple of years, I am so stoked to finally have my own! Problem is, it is so cool I am intimidated by which charms to put on it-only the best will do! Earlier mentioned, I’m attempting to maybe add these but I’m not certain. If you’d like to order your own just email – they come in two sizes- 1 or 1/2 and choose either yellow or rose gold and pick your gemstone eyes!

12. Lucky more than enough to have a spouse that also appreciates jewellery and collects it as well! Here is his charm selection…as you can see he loves medallions. Hoping to find him a really unique medallion this holiday season-if you really are a seller and have any round medallions, let me know!

I used to be really pleased with my last twelve Most current Obsessions post I did and had a really great response from others as well. For one reason or yet another, that post resonated with people and that is exactly what I used to be wanting. Here I am again creating one more installment-this time with some words and phrases of knowledge just before the holiday season gets under way, and some things to keep in mind with the closing out of a different year. The conclude on the 12 months is a great time to focus, get inspired and reevaluate things. I’ve also revamped my entire Pinterest page, which took SO LONG, but I have been trying to not ignore that page anymore. Sometimes it is hard to transfer what you have going on in your head into an internet site layout or a Pinterest page, but hopefully with the reorganization I did, you can better connect with all the best functions of Gem Gossip. Let me know your feedback! One of my favorite new boards is the #GemGossipFigas board (I have embedded it below).

And speaking of better connecting, I have got a really exciting announcement this week…it involves singing up with your email (found on the sidebar) so get to it!

Words and phrases of Knowledge with the Holidays/End of 12 months:

one. Declutter and reorganize just before the holidays! This is the best way to evaluate what you have, what you constantly use or wear, and to figure out what you might want to ask for for the holidays. Whenever it gets close to this time of 12 months and family asks me what I want, I almost get clueless as to what to say. If there are things in your closet you haven’t worn in more than a calendar year, you might want to pitch them. It is also a great time of yr to donate!

I got rid of lots of clothes, shoes, purses and in some cases went through the dogs’ toys. Go through things in your office and bathrooms too.

two. Make memories by putting down your iPhone. I need to be more aware of this, especially around Thanksgiving, where every yr I say I want to learn how to cook the turkey, but conclude up on my iPhone looking at pictures people are posting of their turkey spread. This 12 months, choose to live inside the moment-hide your phone somewhere and make memories. Have conversations, look at old pictures, and reminisce. This time of 12 months only happens once every 365 days, so make sure you enjoy and remember it!

3. Start your holiday shopping early and set a budget. Making a list helps-start by listing everyone you need to purchase for and start jotting down ideas. It is ok to ask people what they want. I always like to reward my mom and dad something special each calendar year. Last 12 months I got my mom a KitchenAid mixer, something she has wanted since they were invented, and I’ve under no circumstances seen her be so stunned and happy over a present! It absolutely was awesome. Budgeting is also important, so I like to either use cash or debit when Christmas shopping. I’m still paying off a credit card from last year-bad mistake!

4. Learn a new recipe to cheap jewelrymake and share. Seems like a constant similarity within everyone’s vacations is FOOD. I’ve been finally getting into cooking and this calendar year I’m looking forward to finding a great recipe to make and bring with me. If you don’t have ample time to do this from now until Thanksgiving, plan ahead for Christmas, Hanukah, or New Years.

5. Reflect on the positives of the 12 months and start to plan for the next yr! Sure, everyone has bad things that happened within the past yr, but focus on all the positives and only the positives. What made this 12 months special? What was an unforgettable moment? Plan for the new yr with these on your brain and try to remember that the best is yet to occur. 2017 is going to be an amazing calendar year!

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